Before you're able to make a withdrawal with us, we check that you meet our eligibility criteria to make sure that we are lending responsibly.

If you haven't been eligible this time, this could be for a few reasons. Here is a full list of our criteria:

  • You have connected a transacting account which your wages are deposited into.

    (A transacting account is one that enables direct debits, we need this so we can process repayments on your next payday. This unfortunately means you can't link a savings account)

  • You meet the minimum income requirement ($800/month)

  • Your wages are paid by your employer's payroll (not as bank transfers).

  • Your wages are not made up of more than 50% Centrelink income.

    (We also don't accept other government payments such as pension payments as wages)

  • Your wages are consistent, this could be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

  • You don't have too many gambling expenses on your account.

  • You don't have too many dishonour fees on your account.

I've made withdrawals before, why can't I make another one?

Even though you've made a withdrawal with us in the past, this doesn't guarantee you'll be able to make one in the future - this is dependent on meeting our eligibility criteria above.

This can happen if there are changes to your pay cycle or if you've incurred too many gambling or dishonour fees since your last payday.

How can I become eligible?

If you haven't met our eligibility criteria this time, you can definitely try after your next payday. Don't worry, we'll let you know when you're eligible.

We've had many customers retry and make successful withdrawals once they have had changes to their circumstances.

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