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I've made a transaction before, why have have I been declined?
I've made a transaction before, why have have I been declined?
Written by Gemma
Updated over a week ago

Each time you attempt to make a withdrawal, we run an eligibility check on your account. This means, even if you have previously been able to make a withdrawal, it's not guaranteed that you'll be able to make future withdrawals.

Withdrawals can be declined for many different reasons, here are our eligibility criteria:

  • Our system can detect wages paid into your connected bank account

  • You have consistent wages and a consistent wage description from your employer

  • Your wages are paid via payroll and not a bank transfer

  • You meet the minimum income requirement ($800/month)

  • Centrelink payments make up less than 50% of your total after-tax income

  • You pass our income and expense check to ensure that you have the ability to repay the loan

  • You don't have too many gambling transactions on your account

  • You don't have too many dishonour fees on your account

  • Your salary isn't paid into a savings account

If you haven't met our criteria this time, please try again after your next payday or when your circumstances have changed.

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